Show us your quads!



Show us your quads and specs :slight_smile:


Chaos ESCs running Dshot 600
Chaos FPV 2600KV Motors
4" Bullnose props
1500MAh 4s battery
Flysky i6 receiver
F3 Flight controller - running cleanflight.


Sure why not :slight_smile:

Slammed Alien
Mr. Steele PDB
KISS V1 (Dshot 600)
Runcam micro swift 3
TBS UNIFY V3 + TBS Triumph - Fatshark HDO
EMAX 2205S 2300kv
FrSky X4R-SB - FrSky X9D

(GoPro and battery are not in this Picture because of aesthetics reasons :wink: )


CP90 frame
Spedix is100 stack
Emax rs1106 6000kv motors
Caddx eos1 camera
2inch props

Full build log is here… But it’s currently decommissioned for repairs :frowning:


Quadcopter - DoomedFPV v2

  • Camera tilt 25
  • Frame β€” Doomed V2 (Custom frame designed by me)
  • FC β€” Matek F405-OSD v3.5.1
  • Motors β€” Emax LS2207 2400kv
  • ESCs β€” Chaos BLHeli_S 30amp (Dshot 600)
  • FPV Camera β€” RunCam Micro Eagle
  • FPV Tx β€” Unify Pro HV FPV
  • FPV Antenna β€” Lumenier AXII Stubby
  • Rx β€” CrossFire Nano
  • HD Camera β€” Caddx Turtle (Custom case)
  • Lipo β€” Turnigy Graphene 65c 1300mAh 4S
  • Props β€” GEPRC 5040 Triblades
    AUW - 597g


Main components of my Quad:

  • S500 Quadcopter frame
  • XT60 power distribution board
  • Pixhawk PX4 Autopilot PIX 2.4 8 32 bit Flight Controller
  • Power Module for Pixhawk Flight Controller
  • LHI 2212 920KV brushless motors (4)
  • 30A engine speed controllers (4)
  • M8N GPS module
  • 3DR Radio Telemetry
  • 1045 props (10”)
  • FlySky FS-i6 radio and FS-iA6B receiver