Q650 Quadcopter Build Idea

If you are looking for a strong foldable quadcopter frame that comes with landing legs and has enough space for all your gear, the Q650 frame is a good option. However now that you have the frame, you might ask what motors/props/ESC or autopilot should you use with your quadcopter?

Frame Parts

The Q560 frame comes with the part that you need (including an allex key to built the frame) but it might be a good idea to include some stackup plates to mount extra gear.

  • Q650 Quadcopter Frame (PDB board is included)
  • Stackup Plates (optional) (to mount extra gear like OSD/Telemetry)
  • Quad PDB Harness (if you dont want to solder your ESC connetors) - this is not needed if you are using the 4in1 20A ESC as they include the PDB built in!

Motors, ESC and Props

If you just need a quadcopter to lift a gopro size camera, or you want a basic FPV setup

If you would like to carry a sightly larger camera (compact digital camera) or would like to lift a bigger battery, then you shold use the following.


For this setup I would suggest a 3S/4S 3500-4000mah battery for the 850Kv motors and a 3S/4S 4000-5000mah battery for the 880Kv motors option.

Radio Control Gear
You will also need a radio control transmitter to control your Q650 quadcopter. I suggest the Devo 10, as it has many channels to use all the functions of your autopilot, and also has lots of features that means you can use this radio for many years as you progress through the hobby without needing to change your transmitter.

Autopilot/ Flight Controller

If you want a fully featured autopilot its a good idea to for for the ardupilot mega system. Otherwise if you want a small, cheaper, and easy to setup and use autopilot system (with many great features like position hold, circle mode, return to launch) then the FY-DOS is a great system for you.

  • APM2.6 Board (with Ublox GPS and compass, and with the APM power module)
    There are other addons you can use with ardupilot such as telemetry, for more information go to arducopter.co.uk


There are other options available such as the All in one Pro board, but this is only good if you dont mind playing around with electronics and loading the code onto the board yourself. (usually works out cheaper)

Camera Gimbal

If you want to take nice stabilised videos its best to use a brushless gimbal. The nice thing about this frame is that it includes high landing gear, so attaching a gimbal is relatively easy.

  • FY-G3 GoPro gimbal - great as it comes pre-configured, just attach it to the booms on the bottom of the frame and you are good to go!

Q650 Dimentions

Here are the dimensions of the Q650 frame, the weight of the empty frame is about 700 grams

Assembly Guide

If you have a frame that big, make use of the size and put some 15-18 inch props on it.