Self build alternative to DJI Phantom


Can you help me please? I am looking for a quad copter kit which I can use
for amateur aerial photography with a Go-Pro.

I have been looking at the Phantom DJI, however this is quite pricy plus I
already have a Spektrum TX I would quite like to use. I am also get
enjoyment from building something myself rather than ARTF.

I do want a GPS quad with features like “return to home” etc. all of which
the Phantom provides. I will probably want to fit a gimbal in the future.
I’m not really interested in FPV.

Can you suggest a suitable setup please?

As you mentioned that you are happy to build something yourself (i also think this is more rewarding) the overall price will be less. Here is a suggestion for a nice goPro size quadcopter

X580 Frame - Its nice because it has landing legs and can fit a servo based gimbal directly (or a brushless gimbal with cable ties onto the mounting tubes)

Motors - You have two choises, both are very similar, our 850Kv motors, or 935Kv motors

ESC - For the above motors you will need 4x 20A ESC, but I would suggest our 4 in one ESC for ease of installation (we will have stock later this week)

Props - the 935Kv motor comes with props, but if you want to upgrade them I would recommend the 10x50 carbon reinforced props.

Flight Controller
APM2.6 with Ublox GPS and Power Module (we should have more stock soon)

You can find out some more info of the arducopter platform at

I would suggest a 3S or 4S Lipo battery ov about 3000-4000 mAh capacity

Hope that helps!