FPV gear for DJI Phantom

A question from a customer that others might find usefull:

I am interested to set up FPV for my Dji Phantom V.1 and think this screen would be a good choice…
FPV 5.8Ghz Diversity Monitor 7inch - HD 32 Channel £164.00

I would appreciate some suggestions on what parts I will need for a complete kit i.e battery, mounting bracket, 600mw Transmitter 5.8Ghz, cable for GoPro Hero 3+ Black Ed + anything I might be missing.


What you would need on the ground:

FPV gear on your Phantom

Optional parts

It would be a good idea to get some upgraded circular polarized antennas for better signal

DJI Phantom FPV transmitter mount

You will also probably want to use a DJI phantom FPV transmitter mount to have an easy place to mount your TX. A nice simple design can be found on thingiverse. But if you dont have access to a 3D printer please let me know and I can make one for you.