Need some advice on new project

I am new to quadcopters but am an electronics/communications engineer so used to soldering etc. I want to build a cost effective quadcopter with APM and a groundlink for the waypoint software. Eventually I want to have FPV and a gopro. What would users advice I buy?



If you are looking for the most cost effective way to proceed, you could consider the AIOP v2 board, that can run a version of arducopter (megapiratesNG code) or the MWC firmware. The megapirates code allows you to use the mission planner software to set waypoints etc…

So if you are happy to go that way it works out abit cheaper

The other option is to go for the official ardupilot mega 2.6 kit with the ublox GPS, power module and 433mhz telemetry kit which will give you everything you need.

To start off I would suggest you go for the F450 frame as its cheap and easy to build.

For motors/ESC/Props I suggest our 850Kv motors, 22A ESC and 10x50 props. (motor kit here) to connect everything you can use a power distribution board (needs soldering) or use our Quad harness

As for the battery, anything above 2200mah at 11.1/14.4V will be fine.

This rig will allow allow you to add some FPV gear at a later stage. But feel free to ask any other details of our other frames if you prefer any.