Building a Arducopter form scratch - What do i need?

Hello Everyone.
I am new to the hobby, and have been playing around with RTF copters as The Hubsan x4 and Hubsan x4 FPV.
Now i kinda want something more advanced, and bigger. Since i am working in the media field i am interested in building a quad that i would be able to use for video production down the road, when i get some practice.

I have been looking at what i would need to make a Quad/hexa copter, and the parts i was looking at was the following:

APM 2.6 Board1 x ArduPilot Mega 2.6 Board
Power Module1 x APM Power Module - XT60 Connector
Other Cables1 x Jumper cable 6pin 15cm & 1 x Jumper cable 2 pin (15cm) female to female

X580 v2 Quadcopter Frame

Motor Type4 x Brushless Motor 2217Q, 880Kv
ESC Type4 x 30A Multi-Rotor ESC (BLheli)
Propeller Type2 x 12x45 Propeller Set Carbon Fibre Reinforced

( Links: , )

I am not sure which radio i should choose i have been looking at these two:

So some questions:

Would this work together?
Do i need any cables/other?
Which battery and charger should i use, and where can i get it?
Would this setup be able to carry a camera?
Do i need an external GPS module, and which, for autonomous flight missions?

Are there anything else i should be aware of?

Since i am located in Europe i want to get most stuff from Europe due to taxes.

I hop you guis can help me get into the hobby!

Thanks for sharing your build idea on the forums, and items you mentioned will make a great starting setup but you should also use the GPS/Compass module with the APM2.6 for reasons I will describe below.

The first thing you might want to consider upgrading the radio transmitter. The Devo 10 is great but since a radio is not something that you can exactly crash its always a good idea to get a decent one that will last. I and many others will probably agree that the Taranis X9D is one of the best r/c radios around, and also easy to mod.

The only cables you might need is some deans - XT60 converters, as our 4in1 ESC comes with a deans style connector and the APM power module comes with an XT60 connector, but the other option is to just solder your own.

For those motors and setup I would suggest you use a 3500-4000mah battery pack :battery: and as for a charger the Imax BA6C is a great charger for the money. You can find the charger and a selection of batteries off ebay, but its a good idea to check with the seller of the age of the batteries as you dont want to buy some that are over a year old.

Yes this frame should be able to handle a small camera just fine like a gopro, or compact stills camera around 200g or so, what type of camera are you thinking of using?

I would highly suggest you use the GPS/compass module as it unlocks all the cool features of arducopter and also makes it much easier to fly as you can always flick a switch on your TX and your quadcopter can come home back to you. Without the GPS the APM will only be able to keep your aircraft level. But if that is all you want to do with your quad then I suggest you consider a cheaper fight controller like the KK2.1 board.

I hope that answers some of your questions and did not add to the confusion of making a choice :P, but if you have any other questions please let me know and I will he happy to answer them as best as I can.

Thanks for the answer! Great an precise.
I am tho thinking about buying the IRIS instead, since it is much cheaper :blush:

As for the camera I was thinking about using a gopro.
Althou, what would it take to be able to fly with a DSLR - About 600 grams (just a thought) ? :slight_smile:

This really helps me too, looking for something not too newbie, but using Habber’s list, am I correct in thinking you have a quadcopter up and running with;

ArduPilot Mega 2.6 Board
APM Power Module - XT60 Connector
Jumper cable 6pin 15cm & 1 x Jumper cable 2 pin (15cm) female to female
X580 v2 Quadcopter Frame4
Quadcopter Motor & ESC Combo - pre soldered
 Taranis X9D
deans - XT60 converters
iMAX B6-AC B6AC Lipo NiMH 3S RC Battery Balance Digital Charger/Discharger DC UK

Is that all I would need?


That looks all good, but only thing is that with your ESC combo I suggest you use the 4in1 ESC as that makes connecting everything much easier. And one thing that I think you forgot is a receiver for the Taranis X9D as it does not come with one. You can use either the D4R or X8R

Otherwise if you have any other questions, please let me know