Building a Streaming Copter

I’m building a copter as a project and using these parts:

Y6 Copter Kit (with everything in the kit, including frame, motor combo, flight controller, GPS, power module)
FPV Receiver and cables
Landing gear
2 Axis Gimbal

And i was wondering if anyone had advice on things im missing or on what batteries and controller I should buy? (advice on power of battery and connector would work better I think)


So far it looks good.

For the battery I would suggest a 4000-5000mah lipo (3 or 4 cell)
Do you already have a transmitter? If not I would suggest the devo 10 radio control transmitter

You did not include a camera, are you planning to stream directly from a gopro/ other camera onboard?

I would suggest our open source gimbal controller with this brushless gimbal, but its always better to first get the frame setup and flying and make sure you are confident before adding extra gear like FPV and gimbals as you don’t want to crash with lots of extra expensive gear due to a silly mistake. So to start you should first get the y6 kit, get that built and flying, then start adding the FPV gear and gimbal.

I am getting this transmitter: Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking

and this battery:
Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking (i’ll solder the XT60 connector on)

Which open source gimbal controller are you talking about? Could you link it please?
and i already have a gopro

Whoops, forgot to add links to my reply :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was talking about this gimbal controller with this gimbal

But if you want something abit cheaper then you could also consider our fiberglass brushless gimbal

The transmitter is nice because you can expand it with FRsky gear in the future which is much better than the TX/RX modules that come with it.

For the battery would suggest you get a slightly lighter battery as the 6000mah one will limit the amount of extra gear you can carry (if your extra gear is light it should be fine). But I would suggest something around 4000 - 5000mah

I was planning on using that gear for the gimbal, just making sure it was the same one as what you recommended. could I use this to power the gimbal and transmitter?

You will need to power the transmitter with 6-12V power supply, and the gimbal will need 6-14V. So I suggest you power them using a 500mah 3S (11.1V) battery.

So I could use this one to power both?

Also, the Y6 just got sold out, can I just replace the Unmanned Tech kit with this one from 3dRobotics: (with telemetry, GPS and compass)

Yes its the same thing, but might take a while as I think their Arducopter Y6 frames are also out of stock.