Need help for my first build / setup

Images are below
If been very interested in fpv lately i already got an emax tinyhawk for an long time and wanted to upgrade after doing some research i found a few items that i want to buy as i don’t make a lot of money i want this to be cheap but still good quality now i got my lists of parts but i have an question. If i buy all this will i be able to fly or do i need to buy something with it it was really hard for me choosing the antenna’s the battery’s chargers there were so many choises ( sry if my english is bad lmao )

So i have one charger for both of the battery’s then i have an controller i don’t know if i need any battery’s for it or if i can charge it with an usb.

Then i have the skyzone sky02x

with 2 different antenna’s

i heard i also needed an right angle adapter not sure why but i wanted to play it save

Some soldering iron tip to make my solder clean and when i was watching the cl1 budget diy kit build video someone said to also get threadlocker after that the battery for the fpv drone that the site recommended to me with an wire stripper some props and then the diy kit

This is what i chose do you guys think this is an good setup and if i buy all of this is it enough to start flying?

Thanks so much for reading i hope you have an great day! i will answer asap btw

The things i chose:

This still might be a little pricy maybe i can make the controller cheaper
Also i want to freestyle with this fpv drone is that possible?