Advice about what parts for my project

Hi i intend on creating a copter that i can do the following :-:

Attach camera, so quite as possible to not drown out video camera sound.
Can carry wait as i wish to experiment with using the copter to move say around 2 kg or more.
Using a board that can be re programmed to add extra functionality.
To be very safe, almost impossible to crash, stable for video recording.
With a remote system that can also account for any extras we wish to add latter, but also as simple as possible to use.
Also a camera system can be be fully managed with the controller, with option for the camera to be operated by a different person with a tablet.

Is this wish list to much or can people help me as i’m a newbie but wish not he have to go back to the drawing board latter and find out i bought the wrong system due to lack of knowledge, i also have a budget to by what every is needed so i’m not just looking for the cheapest but most versatile setup fop professional use.

I think using a pixhawk autopilot will be the best starting point as it’s a great controller with loads of features. It’s also a good idea to start simple and gradually work your way up to a more complex front. We have a bunch of guides on the site but if you are new to building drones. Also a great place to start is by getting the Haynes build your own drone manual you can buy on Amazon UK or USA. It was written by us so got lots of good info ;-).

But if you have any specific questions just ask and we will try answer :slight_smile:

I know this thread is pretty much dead now, but if your budget is high and you really want to overpower your quad you can try using a tiger u11 motor with a 80A ESC on 6s LiPo and 28x9.2 props and a frame with a wheelbase of at least 1100mm. That should give you the 2kg you want (plus a bit more, and by a bit I mean 10kg per motor). Don’t worry, it’s only 350 dollars per motor and 120 dollars per ESC… plus that frame let’s say it’s 150 at best so that’s at least $2k :smiley:

Haha yeah they are pretty awesome motors, but there are a few others which are considerably cheaper (still about $100) and have about 95% of the performance