What do I need to build a semi-pro quadcopter with 1Kg payload (approx £550 if possible)?

Hi there.
I want to build a semi-pro setup that can lift about 1kg (excluding the battery) and I wondered if I could get some advice? I have a radio system in place so I do not need one of these but a recommendation for the best setup for everything else (frame, motors, flight controller etc) would be appreciated. I’m looking to spend £550-£600 tops.

Hi, thank you for your question. I have listed below some parts that I think will work for you. I have suggested two possible frames that you could use as there are advantages and disadvantages to both. The U580 frame is great; it’s light and will meet your specifications but due to its light weight, there is a limitation on space for extra equipment. You will therefore maybe have to think about adding an extra plate if you wanted extra equipment. I have then recommended the FQ700 frame also as this is a bigger frame, and so should be fine for space, but it is heavier and more expensive.

The total weight of all of this equipment is approximately 2.1Kg (with the U580) and the max take-off weight that these motors/props/battery provide is 3.6-4Kg so this should leave plenty of extra weight.

We also do not currently stock the 9000mah battery that I have suggested but Unmanned Tech will soon be stocking these batteries. Alternatively, you can find an equivalent battery (4S, low discharge rate at around 25C with weight at approx 800g) for now.

The total price of this equipment is £533.27 with the U580 frame and £563.28 with the FQ700 frame and so meets your desired budget

Please let me know if you have any questions.

List of Suggested Equipment

U580 Pro Quadcopter frame OR
FQ700 folding quadcopter frame
• 4 x MT3510 motors
4in1 Quattro 30A ESCs
4 x 15x55 carbon fibre propellers
Mini Unmanned Hawk flight controller
Tattu battery 900mah 25C 4S battery pack

You can see a picture of the U580 in flight at the beginning of this post. Also, in future, to work out what equipment you need for a specific setup, you can check out our article on How to Choose the Right Motor/ESC/Prop combination for you.


Hi. That all looks great, thanks for the help!

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I’m full beginner of quadcopter building. I have just read this article and I wonder what transmitter RX/TX could use for it?
Could You offer something what is compatible with Hawk flight controller?
Thank You so much!

Hi there, I ask the guys and they recommended the Taranis radio with an X8R receiver.

hi ,i need help for my research on quad-rotor which has specification mass=0.5 kg ,distance from center of gravity to the tip of motor =0.225 meter .and motor park 370 3600 kv (use for small airplanes with weight 280 to 400 gram )
my question is i need to lift a payload of 1 kg and this motors can’t lift this payload , what should i do for same propeller??