Stormdrone vs 3drx8

in spring time i would like to develop my uav garage. the new item would be higher load capacity (insted of gopro light m43 milc eg. panasonic gf3), more flight time.
there are two models in my horizont the one is x8+ from 3dr the other is stormdrone antigravity from helipal. the last mentioned very nice in flight time, based on naza fc and made from quality material, portable etc. The x8+ is a redundant system and i have radio because of my iris+…other ipmportant viewpoint is: i could develop my x8 step by step (according to the diy set)…but but …x8+ not so impressive in flight time.

I would say dont bother getting the X8 unless you need to carry heavier cameras. But at dronetrest we all prefer to go for the DIY drone solution. We recently build a drone based off our U580 frame which has a max flight time of around 30min with no payload. But the great thing is that it can also carry cameras up to 1Kg (with less flight time of around 15-20min) so its a flexable option. You can read more about the parts in the topic below, and it also works out cheaper than storm drone. If you have any questions just let me know.

I’m highly interested in your offer. but there are many “if”. please note that I’m not a technical talent:-)
your offer is very smart for me, “if 1”: in case of ordering you send a near ready to fly and tested bird.
“if 2” what about the radio? i’ve alredy one (with djt telemetry) from my iris+ set. it is ok for me, but can you give me a guideline how to setup the new model on it.
“if 3” I use this drone with gopro+gimbal and in other case with a milc without gimbal (for mapping eg.) ok. can I attach my tarot 2d gimbal to the mini unmanned hawk?
“if 4” can you help me to find a good and resonance free “L” plate system to fix the milc?
“if 5” I read that MiniUH 100% compatible with Pixhawk. I think I can use mission planner to adjust the uav.
“if 6” I saw your drone has retractable legs. It’s great! how many plus charge you ask for this option?

i have so many foggy questions but its a too early morning for me:-) I think I wrote the most importances.
Thanks for your response,


Unfortunately the kit I was talking about is just the parts as we dont sell a fully assembled version yet. But since its a kit you can use your own radio from the IRIS+ with it. However we do offer a drone build service so if that is something you are interested in please let me know and I can get a quote sent to you.

The mini unmanned hawk is the essentially same autopilot (pixhawk based system) as the one used in the IRIS+ so it will be capable to perform mapping applications.

As for a gimbal, if you let me know what mirrorless camera you plan to use I can make some suggestions.

The U580 includes retractable legs in the price of the frame so there is no extra charge for that.

Thanks for the quick response,
Unfortunately without RTF possibility the 550 pounds (+VAT) price not so good compare with helipal storm drone near thousand usd price. (which is a complet set with radio rc)

i need some time to thinking about this project because i have no enough courage to do it yourself.

Sure I understand, hopefully in the future we will have some more ready to fly systems available which we are currently working on. Also the price of £550 includes VAT.

It is very promising, this project not urgent yet such i look forward your rtf drone.

Thanks :smile:

I have never ordered from helipal so cannot comment on their product quality or after sale service and support. But one thing to bear in mind is that since they are not based in UK should something actualy be faulty and they do a decent job at customer support you will probably need to ship the drone back to Hong Kong which can work out very expensive. When buying form a UK shop you dont have this issue, plus as UK sellers we are bound by UK consumer laws and regulations.

You are right and You convinced me. it is important angle. on the other hand open source based platform aren’t strange for me however the dji “spirit” yes. ok. I wait patiently your drone.