New to drone photography (before I did racing). Advice on build?

I have done a lot of fpv drone racing, but recently I decided I want to do some aerial photography. Since I built my racing drone from scratch, I thought it would be cheaper and more fun to do the same with this build. Below is a parts list, I would appreciate suggestions on upgrades etc, also I have a Gopro Hero 5 Black and I have no idea about gimbals or how they work etc, advice and suggestions on £75 or less gimbals would be nice.

Frame: f450 quadcopter
Pdb: matek pdb with xt60, 5v and 12v
ESC: Blheli_suite 4in1 20A
Fc: f3 acro6 dof deluxe 10 dof
Motors: MULTISTAR 350 TO 450 FRAME SIZE 2212 combo
Props: 10x45 inch carbon reinforced props
Fpv camera: mini 1000tvl ccd fpv camera
Vtx: tx526 40ch 25/200/600mw vtx
Fpv goggles: eachine vr-006 mini fpv goggles

Note: plus TBS Triumph LHCP FPV Antenna Pair to replace the one on the quadcopter itself and the mushroom antenna on my fpv goggles.

Controller: Turnigy evolution

I intend to fly the drone using the fpv camera and goggles, but I would still like a gimbal to keep the camera level and facing forward - ideas?

I’m doing the same. I’m going for a 450 quad frame.

I would recommend a different FC if you are using it purely for photography. Something like Pixhawk, DJI Naza etc. I am going to be using an Openpilot Revolution as i’m going to transfer it from my QAV250 frame (and put an unused F3 in its place), along with the GPS.
Revolution will allow you to use GPS flight modes such as Autonomous POI. Have a look here: