Noob to the hobby of actually building the thing

Good Morning from the UK

I currently have had alot of fun flying a 250 drone. The other passion in my life is Photography. I really want to build my own hexcopter 550 platform rather pay a company for a unit that I can’t fix or don’t have great knowledge.

I agree I still need to look more into the protocols and the deep parts of all the bits. But I would love a guide to see if I am going in the right direction.

I am currently looking at the following

Operating System - iNav
FC - Matek F722 SE
GPS - Matek GPS ublox SAM-M8Q
ESC - Spedix IS40 40A 4in1 ESC x 6
Motors - I am open to suggestions

Things I am looking for the system to do

and hold over GPS

Are these items what I am looking for?


First off, you chose 6 4in1 escs, so that’s basically like having 24 individual ones. You want 6 individual ones for a hexacopter.

Additionally, 40A might not be enough at that size, you might have to get something more beefy, but I have never built a quad so large, so I can’t help with experience.

INav is a good firmware, but for completely autonomous flight, ardupilot would be better. It won’t run on that specific flight controller, because it needs at least 1MB of flash, while the F722 chip has only 512KB