X200 'Verti' Build Log



So I did a review of a frame gearbest sent us (3ban-tech if you have heard of them), but since its a decent frame I am going to do my next build on it. It will probably take a while between getting work done. I have decided to creatively name it ‘Verti’ since it uses vertical arms :slight_smile:

Parts List

  • X200 Frame
  • DYS samguk SHU motors - because we have some used ones lying around and they are red to match the frame
  • Typhoon32 4in1 ESC - because its awesome
  • Omnibus F4 V6 - So I can get the manual done for this at the same time.
  • DAL Cyclone 5 inch props
  • Chaos VTX (RDQ Mach 2/ AKK FX2) since it supports smart audio and is nice and cheap
  • Some FPV Camera (to be decided… probably a red one)

So far I have just mounted the motors… gotta get back to work now… enough distractions :slight_smile:

X200 Vertical Arm Quadcopter Frame Review

Been over a month and I do not have much progress to show :cry: but found some time to at-least add some of the electronics we had lying around.

Instead of the Typhoon32 I am using a Racerstar 35A 4in1 Special Edition ESC… it has everything you need including a current sensor and is also pretty cheap. It runs Dshot 600 which is good enough for just about every pilot in my opinion.