X200 'Verti' Build Log



So I did a review of a frame gearbest sent us (3ban-tech if you have heard of them), but since its a decent frame I am going to do my next build on it. It will probably take a while between getting work done. I have decided to creatively name it ‘Verti’ since it uses vertical arms :slight_smile:

Parts List

  • X200 Frame
  • DYS samguk SHU motors - because we have some used ones lying around and they are red to match the frame
  • Typhoon32 4in1 ESC - because its awesome
  • Omnibus F4 V6 - So I can get the manual done for this at the same time.
  • DAL Cyclone 5 inch props
  • Chaos VTX (RDQ Mach 2/ AKK FX2) since it supports smart audio and is nice and cheap
  • Some FPV Camera (to be decided… probably a red one)

So far I have just mounted the motors… gotta get back to work now… enough distractions :slight_smile:

X200 Vertical Arm Quadcopter Frame Review

Been over a month and I do not have much progress to show :cry: but found some time to at-least add some of the electronics we had lying around.

Instead of the Typhoon32 I am using a Racerstar 35A 4in1 Special Edition ESC… it has everything you need including a current sensor and is also pretty cheap. It runs Dshot 600 which is good enough for just about every pilot in my opinion.


Finished at last!

Only major issue is that I forgot to put heatshrink on the wire mesh guard stuff, and I only realised after soldering the wires so I am too lazy to fix that… as I would rather go out and fly now!