SP Racing F3 Evo Flight Controller Guide

The SP Racing F3 Evo flight controller is built for FPV Racing. It is designed to use the latest and greatest hardware while keeping the board cost to a minimum, at the end of the day when pushing your FPV racer to the max you will eventually crash, so having

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I got a NZ GPS that i want to add to my EVO FB. IS THAT POSSIBLE AND HOW?

Yes it is possible, all you need to do is connect it to one of the spare UART ports on your board and enable GPS within the ports screen for that part port within cleanflight. Also depending on your GPS module, you might need to change the baud rate, think most cleanflight GPS are defaulted to 57600

Wow this is great. How different would it be for the normal (non Evo) version?

Many of the fundamentals are the same, just that the F3 evo has a couple extra bits like sd card, and transponder. Also all the connectors are in defferent places, but the same concepts such as UART ports, PPM/SBUS etc are the same.

This is a great guide and was really helpful in setting up my Nighthawk X5 with the SP3 Evo and OSD, especially the cleanflight port settings. Thanks!

Happy to help :-), what setup did you use with your nighthawk X5? Do you have any PID’s that you could share?

Hi Alex,

Not flown properly yet but will share once i get some flight time and tried to tune - did see you had some for 3S, so have set to those currently.


Hi Alex, I want to know how to connect the sonar hc-SR04 to SPracing F3 EVO ,I do not see pad dedicated as in the previous version, thanks.

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The Video on the Taranis telemetry setup is not working. would you have the link for it?

This is a nice article. I have some interesting questions, maybe you could help me.
I want to use this controller to communicate with them through MAVLink
protocol. In order to accomplish that I want to connect a telemetry
module WiFi like this one:


Once it’s connected I want to connect the drone with CleanFlight
through this Wifi platform and send orders to the drone during the

Do you know if it’s possible with F3 EVO?

Many thanks.

Thanks for this good article. Can I ask you how can I connect the Flysky-a8S receiver on this flight controller?
Is it the same procedure that you describe in the PPM receiver section. The green line in your description will be the yellow wire on the Flysky receiver?
Thanks a lot!

Yes exactly :slight_smile: Any PPM receiver will be the same with a signal wire (yellow in your case) and then a ground (black) and 5V (red). Then you just got to sell the FC within the config section that you are using a PPM receiver.

I have a clone SPRacing F3 board with 10DOF from banggood… it connects to my Betaflioght fine and everything seems to read fine… but my Rx doesn’t connect/light up, I have it set up as PPM… the black and red wires are connected to the black and red wires on the little harness, and the CPPM wire from the Rx is connected to the channel 1 input on my FC, but when I plug in the battery, the Rx doesn’t light up… any suggestions?


I have the Rx in Betaflight set up as PPM

**Edit… I just realized that when I plug in my flight battery, the FC isn’t getting power (it was plugged into my computer before so I didn’t notice because everything was lit up) I’ll have to revisit the lack of power connection tomorrow… crap

Hi, I’m trying to see the images of the post, but I can, how can I do to see it?, thank you, an I have another problem, I’m trying to conect an spracing f4 Evo, but my computer don’t recognize it, it appears like an unknown device, and I can’t bind the drivers whith the device, can you help me?, thank you

I soldered on the pins and connected to INAV , set everything and I can not get a GPS blue on the GPS indicator on INAV. When I set everything to the correct setting INAV defaults back to the original settings in port and configurations. I set the baud rate to 57600 too. What I do wrong, I am using a NZ GPS MINI. Help!!

Are you changing the GPS setting on your GPS module? I know there are alot of fake ublox modules in the market right now that don’t actually let you change settings on them as the memory is ROM.