How to use FrSky Telemetry on your miniquad with cleanflight softserial (NAZE32, FLIP32 etc..)

Initially the only way to use telemetry on your Naze32/Flip32 flight controller was to use the telemetry port. This makes sense, however since it is shared with the USB, you could only ever get telemetry information once your flight controller was armed, and if you want to use an OSD in addition to telemetry then they would often run into conflicts.

Fortunately the software has improved to allow for SoftSerial to be used which is the best way to send your telemetry to via your Frsky receiver such as the D4R-II.

Limitations of SoftSerial

  • You cant use a PWM receiver (as you use one of the PWM inputs for softerial
  • Not all cleanflight flight controllers support softserial (although most of them, as in 95% of them do)

SoftSerial Locations on your Flight Controller

Here are the pin locations for most of the popular flight controllers that support softserial. Simply connect the green wire that plugs into RX on the side connector of your D4R receiver to the relevant softserial pin on your flight controller. In general it is located on the R/C receiver input pin 6.




Setting it up via cleanflight

The easiest way to enable telemetry is via the cleanflight CLI (command line interpreter). Simply connect your flight controller to the cleanflight software and go to the CLI tab. Then enter the following commands:

First we need to enable softserial


now we need to enable telemetry


the Frsky receiver telemetry runs as 9600 baud so set that

set softserial_baudrate=9600

the Frsky protocol is inverted, so we need to tell cleanflight that

set softserial_1_inverted=1

Now we need to set the softserial port (rc input pin 6)

set telemetry_port=1

now we tell cleanflight that we need to use frsky protocol for telemetry

set telemetry_provider=0

save everything and you should be good to go!

For whatever reason you might want to use the second softserial port (located on your RC input pin 8), so all you need to do is set telemetry_port=2 in the steps above.

Setting up your Taranis Radio

Here is a great video showing you how to setup your FRsky Taranis radio to receive the telemetry information from your cleanflight flight controller.

The parts 1-2 of the video above go over connecting the D4R receiver to a naze32 board, but it uses the old telemetry port for this and not softserial.

If you have any questions/comments please let me know!

Is this still accurate? Looking at the Cleanflight docs it says SoftSerial TX and RX are pins 4 and 5 respectively.

This information is still correct and the pin locations have not changed. If using a Naze board Softserial is still on pins labeled 5,6,7,8

Could you let me know where you read this so I can just double check? But according to the clean flight docs on github, the pinouts are as I mentioned above -

Sorry, you are correct, I was referring to the CC3D pins, but I also have an X8R receiver with smartport. You don’t have any info on doing this with the CC3D and smart port do you? I wasn’t able to get it to work.

Getting the smart port telemetry working with any Naze board/ similar is a real pain and I don’t have a definite guide on setting it up right now. But it’s on my long list of tutorials to write so hopefully will be able to have something in the future.

Ya, the Cleanflight doc said to use softserial and short the TX/RX pins and connect them to the smart port signal pin, but I didn’t have any luck. I might have to give it a try with a naze and see if that works, but that would be cool if you figure it out.

I have a HGLRC F3 v3.1 FC. Could you please so kind and tell me Where can I find the telemetry pins on the board? I have a FLYSKY FS-I6 transmitter and i would like to monitor the battery level without damage the receiver.

Thank you in advance.

There are no dedicated telemetry pins. You have to assign a UART or use soft serial. Everything you need to know is in the wiki for which ever firmware you are using.