Flip 32+ (Naze 32) Flight Controller Guide

The Flip32+ is one of the better quadcopter controller boards as it uses a 32bit controller with some great software, and its also rather small. This board uses the baseflight software which is gives this controller excellent performance right out of the box. Overall this is probably the best controller board for your miniquad. Below are some links to various manuals and also some great instructional videos.

In order to configure your Flip32 board you will need to install google chrome browser as the configuration software only runs on google chrome.

Flip 32 Board Connector Overview

Flip32 Board Versions

The Flip32 board comes in two versions, a regular Flip32 board, and a more expensive Flip32+ board… Depending where you buy them they may use various names for the two The only difference between the two versions is the fact that the more expensive board has two added sensors, a compass (magnotometer) and a pressure sensor (barometer). Other than that both boards are exactly the same in terms of other inputs and outputs. If you are unsure about what version to get, I would personally say the more expensive board is better as it allows for you to add extra things to your system later on such as GPS, and the pressure sensor means you can use the altitude hold function. That said both these sensors are not super important if you are planning to build a little FPV racing quadcopter, but overall there is not a high price difference between the fun fly and full versions in the case of the flip32 boards…

Flip32 Drivers

You can download the drivers for the Flip32 board here from silabs, there is also a link to do this from within the configuration tool


Being an open source project there are a some variations of software to choose from. The most popular version is baseflight but there has also recently been a fork called cleanflight which has the aim of using modern software practices to make the code easier to read/maintain and add new features. Fundamentaly both these firmwares are the same so feel free to try both and see which you prefer! I tend to prefer cleanflight firmware and it also has great up to date documentation.

Firmware Update

For more information on updating the firmware on your Flip32+ please see the post below. If you try to connect to your board but get an error message saying:

No configuration received within 10 seconds, communication failed

Then its most likely that you don’t have any firmware (or the correct version) on the board, so you will need to update the firmware.

Flip32+ Manual

There is no official manual for the flip32 board, however this post tries to cover some of the main topics that you will encounter with this flight controller. Since the best software to run on this flight controller is the cleanflight software the details on how to use the software do not depend on the actual hardware you are running it on. The only fundamental thing that is different between the flip32 and the naze 32 is the hardware layout.

However if you are looking for a more advanced manual you can also have a look at the naze32 manual (which is a board very similar to the flip32 but just with a slightly different board layout. naze32.pdf (1013.9 KB)

Flip32+ Motor Connection Order

How to connect everything to your flip32

This image might seem complicated at first, but it provides great detail on how you would go about connecting all the possible accessories to your flight control board, such as GPS, OSD, Bluetooth and your FPV gear.

Connecting FRsky Telemetry to your Flip32 board.

If you are using a FRsky R/C system with the flip32, its a great idea to enable telemetry via the softserial port which allows you to receive some infomration in real time from the flight controller on your Taranis radio. For more information please read our guide on how to connect Frsky Telemetry to your cleanflight flight controller.

Flip32+ Video Tutorials

The videos below show a complete walkthrough of how to setup and configure your flip32+ flight controller.

The first video simply goes over the board and talks abit about the various pins and features.

This video shows you how to install google chrome and the baseflight configuration tool. If you already know how to install this then you can skip this video

This video shows you how to install the driver of the flip32+ and also how to install the firmware onto your flight controller board.

This video shows you how to connect your flip32+ board to your receiver and also goes over some of the initial configuration settings to enable you to use your controller with a quadcopter

The final video goes through some more configuration settings such as flight modes and other various settings.

This videos goes over the motor spin direction and also the ESC calibration with your Flip32 flight controller.

This video shows you how to connect and setup a bluetoooth module for your flight controller. This video also goes over the details on how to setup and configure a bluetooth module for use with the flip32+.

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Nice how to.
Reading it looks very simple. But I have a issue that i don’t really understand.
Connecting to the FC to my Laptop (Mac iOS) Drivers are installed etc. i can connect to the board.

I’m having one issue that i don’t really understand.
If I go to Motor Testing i can’t start one of my motors. (Without Batterey connected and with Battery) nothing its dead.

is there any self testing option for the board to be sure that every thing is right? Thanks

You will need to have the battery connected to your quadcopter in order to test/calibrate the ESC/motors.

Also on the motor test screen there is a checkbox that you must select to confirm that the propellers are removed before the software will activate the motors. Did you check that box before moving the sliders?

i have naze32 flip board and a skyblue power distabution board with a radeolink r9d receiver with no real good wiring diagram and i think i am missing a board to power the controller board can anyone help thanks

If you use our Naze 32 diagram along with the pinout of the flip32 on this page it should help you figure it out. The radiolink RX should be setup in PPM output so that you only need to connect a sinlge wire to your flip32 onto input 1.

i have been all over these pages and i still am not sure if i need a step down board and or where to power the naze32 flip board or how it connects to r9d trans. please reply thanks phil

The board gets its power from the BECs from your ESCs. See the left hand side +5V_in

thank you , you would’nt have any info on the r9d receiver connection to the naze board, thanks agiain phil

Don’t have and diagrams but you will either need to connect the R9D via PWM so you will need 1 servo cable per channel which will connect to the flip32 inputs.

Otherwise you can bind your R9D into sbus mode and connect it to your flip32 with 1/servo wire to the uart2 in. The red and black wires will need to go to the 5v out and grnd pins. I can’t remember which pins are uart2 bit will try have a look and let you know.

is there some place i can send you a pic of the wiring harness that came with the controller i think it may be the wrong one

by the way thank you for the reply on the power

You can attach pics to this forum, just click with upload button, or you can just copy paste it into your message

here is the pic on the cable the side that has all the leads there is only one with three wires the rest are grounds the other side is set up two prog plug the receiver is three the naze is three prog thanks phil

You just need to connect each of those wires starting with the first 3 wire cable into the RC1 channel of your R9D receiver, then connect all the others into the other 7 connectors on your R9D… I can t tell from the picture but either hte op or bottom pin will be the signal wire so make sure you plug then in the right way around.

i am still confused the connector for the control board dont match the wiring diagram and if you turn it around it dont match with receiver /just a rookie

Sorry I see your confusion, however it seems that that cable harness you have cant be used as im note sure what its for, best to use something like our FC to receiver connector cable pack.

I’ve been trying to Connect my rx701 receiver to my flip32 and I can not seem to get the wiring right. No power to the receiver. Please let me know what I am missing. I just have my esc’s going in to the out put and don’t understand what goes where. This is my first build and it’s been a rough one.

Do any of your ESC have BEC outputs? As you will need to provide power to your board

I’m not sure. If they don’t what can I do?

The easiest way to check is to see if your ESC servo connector has 2 wires or 3, and to look at the label as it should say something about a BEC, or have something says reads 5V@2A or similar.

If not (which is very common for miniquads) you will need to power your electronics with a 5V voltage regulator -http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/mini-bec-v2-voltage-regulator-3-3v-5v-12v/

Otherwise your PDB or multirotors frame might already have one or more built in. If you need any help send a few pics of your gear and I can see if I can identify anything :slight_smile: