Mini Flip 32 10dof

Hi to everyone,
I recently bought a Mini Flip 32

My first question is… is this forum for copters only? the reason why I ask is because I was planning to but this into a small winged aircraft, I chose a Mini Skywalker from hobbyking.

The next question is can the Mini Flip 32 be loaded with cleanflight?
it mentions baseflight as firmware and I assumed it could take cleanflight and any help would be appreciated :smile:

Regards Ray

I Love T’Internet :smile: So far I have found how to load cleanflight into this board (I think)
it looks like the same FC and has the same boot load connections

I think I will use a cold connection option rather than use a hot soldering iron on a FC this small


Thus far I have uploaded cleanflight and its working, I connected the GPS and it also works sort of…
Regarding the build I will post on another forum :smile:

Enjoy all that make you happy

Best Regards


Hey,and sorry for not replying to you before, for some reason I did not notice your thread… :neutral_face:

Happy to hear you managed to get the board working, but if you need any help just let me know. I have subscribed to this thread so will get an email when you reply so should answer abit faster than 2 days :stuck_out_tongue:

cleanflight is largely for miniquads but it can still be used on a fixed wing plane but its relatively undocumented. I meself have never used cleanflight for my fixed wing planes so might not be able to offer much help. The best documentation on a fixed wing is at Partiks blog but he is using baseflight firmware. So hopefully that will be able to help.

So if you run into any problems I can try to help as best as I can and lookking forward to seeing how your build progresses :slight_smile: