How to Configure the SP F3 Flight Controller in Betaflight (Martian 👽 Series)

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This guide takes you through the full configuration of the SP F3 flight controller in BetaFlight, step-by-step. We will cover everything from installing the BetaFlight GUI software to setting up flight modes for your quadcopter. If you have been following our Beginners Guide on How to Build the Martian FPV Racing Quadcopter, you will have been directed here after completing…

Hey and thanks for you post. According to the manual UART3 (io2 gnd,V,CH3) is the one used for ibus, so shouldnt one enable rx on uart3 on ports? thanks

You can connect your ibus receiver to any UART port on the SPF3… if you followed our martian build, we connected the receiver to UART2, so for continuity we made the guide reflect that. But yes if you connect yours to UART3, then you would enable serial_RX on UART 3 :slight_smile: