How To Setup Any Betaflight 🐝 Flight Controller


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This is short guide that takes you through the bare essentials of setting up any quadcopter (i.e. any flight controller) with BetaFlight as quickly as possible. To reiterate, we’re just going over the basics – that means no fancy PID tuning or optional extras like setting up LED’s! This guide is aimed at beginners and if you have any questions…


Thank for your useful information for starters.
I have a question related to receiver setup. I have a Omnibus F4 V3 that i want to link to a FrSky CPPM and I have configured on Betaflight the PPM RX input but I have not clear what UART has to be activated as serial Tx , if any.


Try setting it up on UART3


If you have connected your RX correctly to the PPM input, then you should disable serial RX on all ports since CPPM is not serial.

However if you are using SBUS from your Frsky RX, then yes you would need to enable serial RX on UART 3 (cant remember which one exactly).

Also I do recall with the omnibus F4 V3, that you may need to change a solder jumper to switch between SBUS/PPM, if you send a photo of how it is connected I should be able to help (but best to start a new thread for that)


Thanks all for your help
I already modified the solder jumper , but always tried with one Serial RX activated in a UART.
I will checked as you say


Dear Alex
I have already open another thread with the photos as sugested, but I have not answer
Could you help me
Thanks in advance