No reciever respond on betaflight (fs-i6) altough its binded(Solved)


it depends whether you want other stuff powered but usually just one red and a black wire connected to the solder pads


I’m sending you a video, for somereason I cant reflash it altough I tried zadig and reinstalled all the drivers.


make sure your in bootloader mode first?


Yup it is in bootmode


Then just flash it like i taught you to think carefully as you make each step pic of your normal bf screen?


I have seen your video and make sure you have the cp210.x driver installed and not the stm32 and list all devices(options) and select and reinstall?


I do,but its not working either
Enter bootmode, trying full chip erase, load and flash, full chip and no reboot load and flash, full chip no reboot and manual baud load and flash and not working. trying again.


When you mentioned changing the uart can you just go back to the ports tab and change it there?


personally you only firmware flash when you want a new firmware or update


Unfortunatley I cant, at the moment I changed it and save the program just stuck and lost connection to the drone, now when I try to flash it doesnt right failed only failed to open serial port.


Alright! managed to reflash it after I checked all of them and another checkbox to flash as soon as it recognizes new port(something like that), I’ll do again now the configuration and we could go back to the place we stopped,I filmed the connections to my battery, maybe i didnt do it right or there is something else?
and about the reciever i’ll try to play with it right now hope it will work.
EDIT: so I added the pics of my config,ports, the reciever and its soldering on the FC and the no voltage in BF with the batt is connected, I tried in config PPM RX input and Serial based reciever-iBus like stu did. with no result.
Atleast I know I found one problem,about the voltage, if the engines get power from my battery when I activate them through the BF then its not the solder of the batt connectors I guess, what could it be?


I think you have connected the wires wrong on the reciever. connect it on the pin label of s± below ch1?


u have connected your jr connector to the binding pins, connect it to the pin at the very bottom below ch1. thats your problem after that ur going to be flying


I’m sorry but I didnt understand which jr connector to where, could you draw on the pics I sent?


You mean the jr connector that goes to the reciever? desolder it from the RX,-,+ and solder it to VBAT +,-? which cables?


This step requires no desoldering/soldering


Unfortunately I have watched stu’s video of this build and you sir have the wrong reciever. Your build is fine no changes should done anywhere else but you need to go and buy a reciever that outputs sbus. You have flysky ia6 which only outputs ppm instead of sbus. In Stu’s videos he is using flysky ia6b which has an sbus output. Therefore I recommend getting flysky ia6c reciever than the ia6b because its more compact. In todays standard ppm output is pretty much outdated. These ia6c recievers are pretty cheap i think so if you can get you hands on it, its just a case of pluging the cable from your uart2 to the sbus pins. Sorry it took too long for me to figure out what was wrong with your set up(I had to go back and look at the past pic that you sent me). I apologise.


Oh, you dont need to appologize anything, you helped me a lot!
I’ll order this one is that good?

After I’ll get it i’ll need to configure it as PPM or Sbus? PPM I guess will not require any changes? Sbus I will have to put a wire in my IO connection in the FC?
Thank you!
I found this thread:
Do you think it should try to do it meanwhile the new reciever will arrive or just wait for it?
I just really wanna fly this thing :slight_smile:


Ok at this present moment just wait for your order.You dont need to do anything else. Your ia6 receiver can be used for other application such as building a fixed wing but thats another topic.I looked at the thread just wait and have a break or something.Meanwhile you could educate yourself more in the drone hobby like learning types to esc protocol.


I’ll use it for now to my RC car, i’ll start going over ESC protocols and waiting for your response to order that thing.