No reciever respond on betaflight (fs-i6) altough its binded(Solved)


yh the ia6c is a good receiver personally i think you should get it before it runs out.


Alright so im updating after a while, I recieved my Turnigy IA6C reciever connected it with iBus to my flysky, my first problem was when I started to lift it up it straighton flipped, I found out I had my yaw configuration wrong and changed it.
Later on from enthusiasm I took it out for a trial and I lost controll of it very quickly and it crashed one time really hard.
2 proppeller were replaced, a small hit to my battery, and two noisy motors.
I found out I forgot to configure Airmode to make it more easier to fly,so I configured it quickly,also didnt balance it in the reciever mode, so when its in the reciever mode the drone just moving by itself a little, fixed that using my FS-i6, did a few checks to my motors after the crash and found out that motor number 4 is synced with all the other motors but sometimes its a little bit weaker.
Today went for another trial without too much expectations and the drone fly AWSOME!!! its insane!!! and also its very stable.
So I ordered meanwhile another set of motors so there wont be any damage to the ESC or other motors.
So when I fly it I can flip it from lifting up my pitch stick sharply, is it possible to limit the drone from flipping while in the air? making its overall behavior more newbie friendly?
Thank you guys for the help! especially Mark which made me to understand a lot.
I’ll try to video it at the weekend or next one for you guys.
Pic after the crash you can notice the propellers not straight:

Here is a few pics,I put for now PVC over the battery that got a hit so the wrap wont continue to fall off:


Yes, I suggest you setup angle mode as this will prevent the quadcopter from tilting past a certain angle. I think its 30 degrees by default.

We have a guide here that talks about the best flight modes for a beginner pilot:


It was very helpful thanks!


Nice one dude just fly crash repair and repeat that all there is to it