New to drones, trouble binding Flysky FS-i6x to Tiny Mini-drone (Banggood)

I have gone through the DroneTest Blog tutorial titled, “How To Bind And Setup Your Flysky Radio For A Quadcopter Drone” and still am unable to get it to bind. This is my first entry into RC flying. Please help

Could you give us some more information about the setup you are currently running?
The Standard Flysky binding procedure should be done by putting the receiver into bind mode and powering the Radio on while holding the Bind button.
Maybe theres something different with the Receiver that you have in your Drone…
Please upload a Link so we can check it for you

If the setup has a flysky transmitter and flysky receiver, then both need the bind button holding when powering on to complete the bind process.

Start with the transmitter, then the receiver (as they don’t need to be done at the exact same time). Just be aware that the receiver will likely only get power when the flight battery is connected to your drone, and not if the connected via USB alone.

For me the most useful thing is to check the led on your reciever.

Contrary to what people say I prefer to start with the receiver, power it on while pressing the bind button and now you will see the led indicate it is in bind mode. Now turn on your flysky radio while pressing the bind mode and the led on the recover should change to indicate it has bound. Power off and on everything and you good to go.

With flysky radios there is one setting that you need to check depending on what reciever you are using, you may need to enable/disable afhds 2a via the menus.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

You may have hit upon the problem: I don’t see a bind button on the quad. Should there be one? As I said, this is my first experience with drones, so I am totally ignorant. This is a Flysky radio, is that different from a frsky? I thought so. I have tried enabling and disabling the afhds 2a - that has not helped.


Posting a photo of the reciever will help.

Can you post a link to the drone you bought? This should give us an indication of whats on it

Product No. 1134635 Banggood KINGKONG/LDARC TINY6 65mm Micro FPV Quadcopter With 615 Brushed

Have a watch of this video, it explains the binding procedure. Quite helpful since the manual on BangGood doesn’t explain how to do it.

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