Binding new quadcopter

Hi guys,
Some months ago bought an flysky FS i6x transmitter mainly because it was cheap and I could practice acro on a simulator, anyway I am just about to receive my first acro quad,it’s a eachine qx 90 c pro BNF,now this being my first non toy quad I am realising that I haven’t a clue how to bind the two together,I’ve seen YouTube videos but they seem to be binding to reciever(FS ia6b) only,is it a case of just pushing bind on transmitter and bind on quad or do I have to connect to betaflight or something,do any of you guys know of a tutorial or video I can watch so I can get my head around this lol
Thanks Tony

Hey Tony,
Maybe just wait until your quad arrives…
you will see it in the manual.
There will be probably a button on the fc that you need to hold and power it on to set it to bind mode…

Luca :slight_smile:

Might also be a jumper link you fit onto a couple of pins before powering up the receiver, this puts it in bind mode and afterwards you remove the link
as @Luca says it’s in the manual, if you don’t get one they are downloadable from the FrSky website
Steve :slight_smile:

We have a guide here on how to setup and bind your flysky radio for a betaflight quadcopter: