FlySky radio and FS i6 transmitter - binding problems

Hi guys,
I just built my first drone but now I´m having trouble binding it to my FlySky radio. I can bind it to the radio but when I test it on BetaFlight the FS i6 won´t respond to the radio. Can you help me ?

You can find the drone here : Eachine tyro99 210mm diy version fpv racing rc drone f4 osd 30a blheli_s 48ch 200mw vtx 700tvl camera Sale - notice-arrival notice

Did you set the Receiver Mode in the Configuration Tab to PPM?
How did you connected the Receiver and which Receiver did you use?

the FS i6 won´t respond to the radio.

The FS i6 is the Radio. I guess you mixed something up? Or am i understanding it wrong ? :thinking:
The most common FlySky Receivers are the FS IA6B and the FS IA6A i think

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