FS-A8s won't bind

I’‘m sorry I cannot help because I also have issues with Flysky FS-i6x i.c.w. FS-A8S receiver. It seems to bind but without any confirmation. The flashing led reacts to the transmitter though. The drone (Diatone R239) does not do anything at all. When connected to Betaflight also no reaction to the transmitter or receiver. I followed the steps as in the very clear tutorial on this forum and also as in the manual of my transmitter and receiver. Sbus protocol is used, receiver is well connected to the FC. I am beginning to wonder if something is malfunctioning. Any help is appreciated, I’'m struggling for weeks now.

Is it possible that you miss-configuered something in Betaflight or that you connected the Receiver wrong?
Can you provide some pictures of your wiring and your Configuration in Betaflight, so we can have a look at it to ensure everything is right ?

Well I finally identified the problem. Although the receiver (FS-A8S v2) should support sbus, it apparently does not. I changed protocol in Betaflight to ibus, now it seems to work. Sometimes the answer can be so simple… Anyway thanx for the reply.

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