IBUS do not work with betaflight


I am using FS-ABS receiver and turnigy-i6 radio, Omnibus F4 board. In betaflight I turn on the UART6 and choose (serial-based receiver and IBUS).save and reebot and it is not work, what can be the problem?thanks

Which receiver do you mean?
I didnt find any Flysky Receivers that are called ABS…

If you are using the A8s:
Did you take the IBUS/SBUS Cable?
Did you set everything to IBUS in Betaflight?
Which Omnibus F4 are you using?

Could you provide some more information about your hardware-connection?
Maybe some pictures etc…

Luca :slight_smile:

He means FS-A8S. Im guessing.

We like pictures… :slight_smile:

If you can, Try and get a picture of the top of the FC (Theres a solder bridge there).
Plus screen shots of Betaflight

Sorry i did not look well, it is FS-A8S. I am using F4 OMNIBUS Flight Controller STM32. It says that the SBUS is on UART6 (and IBUS too?), but than I was watching youtube video and seems that the IBUS for flysky it is in the common connector (UART1 or UART3), beacuse the UART6 is for the frysky and it is inverted?

You can help us a lot by uploading a picture of the top of your FC.

Watch this video and see how you get on.

Try using the J5 connector. IBUS isn’t inverted, so can’t use SBUS solder pads. I learned that when building my first quad and using Flysky.

What J5 connector looks like?

First pic you posted above of board layout, PPM and SBUS solder pads are on top right. Bottom left is connector J5.

Ok I will try, but first I have to buy the right connector for J5 (jst 4pin connector?).

JST 1.0 4 pin. Can be found many places.

We sell DIY cable packs that let you build whatever set you need:


@ares I also forgot that you can also get omnibus cables specifically for J10 - 6 Pin Omnibus to 4in1 ESC / KISS FC Cable (7cm, JST-SH) - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

Hey, one more thing. On the board there are jumpers on the picture behind the UART6 for PPM and SBUS. I have to soldered or not?What about IBUS?Maybe is this a problem too?

Thinking messing with the solder jumper isn’t necessary. Thinking it should work without it.

But I do not have resistors like on the picture, there is only three spots for soldering?

Solder pads, all there should be there.

Hey, I am still trying to connect my Turnigy Radio(flysky) with this omnibus F4 - IBUS, I have done it like on this video down and still cannot go through??? I marked in the betaflight ports (UART6 on) and in configuration IBUS.

the same problem is on my head my friend, betaflight problem I solved the following way
my ai-10 b receiver I have installed the socket ppm betaflight settings PPM as I chose to use and control,
But when I chose IBUS, I couldn’t fix the problem.