Problems configuring OMNIBUS F4 OSD with FS-IA6B receiver

Hi, Please your help in the following case.

I´ve built a Drone using OMNIBUS F4 OSD Controller, using Betaflight / STM32F405 (S405) 4.1.4 Feb 4 2020 firmware. I´ve been trying to configure FLySky transmitter and receiver but the system does not work.

Using BetaFlight configuration I can see the Receiver tab and I see the movements when I move the transmitter, but the motors don´t work.

I´ve configured ESX BHeli32 with DSHOOT600 and I can move them using BetaFlight Confiugration tool but when I connect the FlySky the motors do not move.

I´ve tested configuring the SBUS connection and UART6 using RX (RX6 - UART6 serial) point for connect the receiver and I got the same response.

Please, can anybody help me ?

when you quad is connected to a usb port, motors are disabled from the Tx
Its a safety feature, to stop people for hurting there selfs.

Take your props off,
goto the motors tab
tick the box that enables your motors
Take your props off.
try again

Thx, but I did it and the same result.
Any suggestion.