Problem. FrSky CPPM receiver conection to Omnibus F4 V3 with Betaflight

Following the recomendation of unmannedtech I have connected the RX to the PPM input, and disable serial RX on all ports since CPPM is not serial, but Betaflight is not seen the receiver

That I have is a Eachine Wizard X220S what it is supposed use F4 V3 .
It comes preconfigured for SBUS connection , but I need to use CPPM connection from a FrSky reciever Delta -8 with CPPM , similar to D4R-II but multiprotocol.

The information I got from Betaflight is :

2018-06-27 @ 20:03:49 – Puerto serie abierto correctamente con ID: 12
2018-06-27 @ 20:03:49 – MultiWii API versión: 1.31.0
2018-06-27 @ 20:03:49 – Info del controlador de vuelo, identificador BTFL,
versión: 3.1.7

2018-06-27 @ 20:03:49 – Ejecutando firmware publicado el: Apr 10 2017
2018-06-27 @ 20:03:49 – Placa: OBSD, versión: 0
2018-06-27 @ 20:03:49 – ID único de dispositivo: 0x3a00373536470c33353030
2018-06-27 @ 20:03:49 – Nombre aeronave: X 220S
Omnibus F4V3 with BTFL 3.1.7 (April 2017) and board OSBD, version 0 , according Betaflight configurator.

Also I have changed a solder jumper to switch between SBUS/PPM, but I have not clear is is done in right way (see a photo of how it is connected)

I have already rework the soldered jumper , and checking SBUS is not connected to central pin , but it is on PPM to central pin.
With Betaflight configured PPM RX on configurator tab, tested without serial RXport activated, UART3 or UART 6 activated on Ports tab; and I have no any movement on Receiver tab.

I am using Betaflight configurator version 10.3.1;and everything is runing but receiver connection. It is surprising me that the system react to Aux 1 or Aux 2 switch position of my radio when you Save and Reboot your Configuration Tab , independtly of activated port.

Your Rx Tab in BF shows no stick movement

But your Aux 1 and Aux 2 switches work?

Not alive
If I change switch of AUX 1 is not changing on the tab, but if I save and reboot it, the line representing the AUX see the diference, but if I do the same with motor stick , Betaflight do not see any difference alive or after save and reboot

Have you disables aerial Rx on all of the UART ports in betaflight?

Yes is one of the option tested, but not result
As I read the change from PPM to Sbus was a bug of Betaflight with F4pro , and the process is to configure port to Txserial UART3 and Receiver to Sbus , save a reboot , and laterrepeat the process , I have repeated all the alternatives several times, but without sucess.
Do you think could be a matter of BTFL Configurator version (10.3.1) and F4 V3 BTFL version (3.1.7)?.

Could we test with other configurator software??

Do you think it has sense the following CLI configuration for PPM1, SERIAL_TX_1 and Serial_RX_1
resource PPM 1 B08
resource PWM 1 B08
resource PWM 2 B09
resource PWM 3 C06
resource PWM 4 C07
resource PWM 5 C08
resource PWM 6 C09
resource PWM 7 NONE
resource PWM 8 NONE
resource LED_STRIP 1 B06
resource SERIAL_TX 1 A09
resource SERIAL_TX 2 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 3 B10
resource SERIAL_TX 4 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 5 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 6 C06
resource SERIAL_TX 7 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 8 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 9 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 10 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 11 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 12 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 1 A10

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You got a picture of the RX and the wiring?

And what transmitter do you have?

The picture of the FC wiring is on the first post of this thread.
The receiver is FrSky Delta -8 with CPPM , similar to D4R-II but multi protocol. It is configured with the jumper for CPPM output. My radio is a Futaba Z9 with a FrSky DFT module

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Any results for this issue? I have the same problem with the same receiver and omnibus f4 v3.

Can any one help?