Can't get Spektrum RX to work with Omnibus F4 Pro

The DSMX receiver is a Redcon CM703,

I’ve tried setting UART1/3/6 to serial RX, PPM/SPEKTRUM2048/anything but nothing works. Does someone have the same setup? Any help is much appreciated.
This is how it is wired:

Looks like its connected ok, but could not tell from the photo, but it looks like you still need to solder the SBUS/PPM jumper:

For PPM you need to solder a jumper between the PPM pad and the middle pad, then it should work once you set the receiver type to be PPM within betaflight.

Hope that solves the issue :slight_smile:

I’ll find out. Thank you for your reply :smiley:

It worked! I cut the existing SBUS bridge with a box cutter and dropped some solder on the other 2 pads to set the jumper to PPM.

Thanks again