Help: Connect the FlySky Fs-ia10b to SpeedyBee F405 v3

I am trying to build my first drone.
These are the things I am using:

  1. Flight Controller: SpeedyBee F405 v3
  2. Receiver: FlySky FlySky Fs-ia10b
  3. Transmitter: FlySky FS-i6X

I have done some research and connected the receiver to the flight controller.
And these are the connection details:

Connected the Receiver i-bus pin to R2 (flight controller)
Gnd to G (flight controller)
VCC to 4v5 (flight controller)

Also the receiver and the transmitter is bound.
But when I trying to configure in beta flight, there is no response or signal detected.

Please help!!!

First thing is to make sure you have enabled Ibus on UART2 on your FC.

Then if that doesn’t work, the next step would be to double check/update the firmware on your fs-iai10b receiver and on your radio menu, make sure you configure it to output ibus.

Here is a videe that should help with the receiver config: