FS I6 with FS-IA6 and SPRacing F3 -> flashing red status light, RX Loss error in Betaflight

I’m struggling to get my SPRacing F3 flight controller (and Betaflight) to see the FS-IA6 receiver. This is the unmannedtech qav210 kit with the video/written guide on this site. Things I’ve done so far:

  • Binding the FS-I6 transmitter with the FS-IA6 receiver seems fine - stable red light on the receiver
  • Aux 5 and 6 on the transmitter are set to see the switches on the transmitter as instructed.
  • The main battery is attached to the quad
  • The USB cable is attached to the quad and I’ve flashed the flight controller in betaflight with the latest firmware - can’t get Cleanflight to do this for some reason.
  • Betaflight shows the quad and reacts to movement in the graphical display. I can also spin the motors via Betaflight
  • I’ve enabled Serial RX for UART3 - following the QAV210 build video using IO1/IO2 pins.
  • Receiver settings in Betaflight are set to PPM - as I’ve read that the FS-I6 doesn’t support IBUS.
  • AERT1234 is selected in Betaflight

The CLI status command returns an RXLoss error, the board status light flashes red, and I get no response in Betaflight to any changes on the transmitter. It seems the receiver and the flight controller aren’t communicating. Am I meant to somehow further bind the transmitter controls for Betaflight to respond? What am I missing?

Any help is much appreciated
Thanks, Steve

The solution to the above was to set the receiver input in betaflight to PWM, not PPM. IO1/2 are using PWM, each channel having its own wire from the receiver to the FC.
I could rule out a receiver fault by putting a voltmeter between the ground and each channel pin on the FS-IA6, flicking switches and moving sticks on the transmitter to watch the voltage change.

The downside to using PWM is you cannot use any of the ESC BlHeli serial protocols like Oneshot, Oneshot125, etc. To use BLHeli you must use a serial receiver protocol like PPM, S.Bus, or IBUS.

Thanks for the reply.

Given the kit contents (FS-I6, FS-IA6, SPRacing F3) and the dronetrest guide showing connecting the receiver and FC using IO1/2, I assume I can’t use PPM. Would you know if that’s correct?

I use a Taranis, so I know diddly about FlySky.

Try posting your radio questions here: RCG Radios Forum

The FS-IA6 doesn’t support PPM

Hey I have the exact same issue were you ever able to solve this? Been stuck for about a year after i gave up trying to fix it.

You have to set up the FC to use PWM.

PPM is not supported on the FS-IA6 receiver

Hi did you manage to get this sorted I think I have the same problem. I get err1:3% on the bottom of my tx