CC3D - FS-IA6B - FlySky FS-I6 connection problem

Hey guys,
I wanted to connect my old Eachine Falcon 250’s CC3D FC to my FS-IA6B receiver using PPM or iBUS but I simply can’t get it receive input from my TX. I’m not sure I connected everything in the right way. I tested connection with Librepilot and an old Cleanflight (after flashing the FC to Cleanflight 1.1) but no luck. They’re bound, I have a steady red light on the RX and the TX shows the RX’s voltage. Any help would be much appreciated!

What settings are you using in the configuration tab in clean flight? Have you used the quad setup before?

Thanks for trying to help me! :wink: If I remember right, it was RX_SERIAL, SBUS and UART3 was set to serial in the Ports tab. But I tried also to set UART2 to serial. No luck. I’ve set the quad up in Cleanflight and in Librepilot too. The problem always comes at the TX/RX setup. :frowning:

No probs happy to help. :+1: I have just looked up the pinoutfor that board and this pic shows the ppm wire. I’m assuming this might be worth looking at?

Definitely. I think I’ve already tried connecting the white cable to the last pin but I’ll give it another go and report back.

It worked! :slight_smile: I moved the white wire to pin8 and set PPM 8pin in Openpilot! Now the only headache is the buzzer. I’ve put it in between the RX and the CC3D but it starts beeping after a certain amount time even if I give input.

There you go bud, glad it worked. What buzzer do you use? Are you trying to use DSHOT or have a buzzer connected?

I have a cheap buzzer 3 cables in (white-red-black) and 3 cables out (same three colours).

On my FC I have a buzzer pin on there where I have soldered it to. Red to buzzer and black to ground. Does that board have a buzzer pin.

Not as far as I know.

Are you using a self powered one, if i dont know what you have then i cant help sorry. It looks like you cant connect it to that FC

I thought I’ve figured it out (but probably I haven’t)! I connected the buzzer to channel 6 on the receiver and set it to a switch on the transmitter to turn it on when I want but I think it’s not the best way and last time I tried it started to beep anyway. :slight_smile: Whatever … thanks for the help!

Yeah, it will just have permenent power I think. No probs, good luck. :+1: