Connecting FS-A8S receiver to CC3D flight controller

We bought a QAV 259 Mini Quad-copter kitfrom unmanned tech which comes with the cc3d flight controller. They advised us to buy the FS-A8S (along with the FS-I6X transmitter). However this receiver is much smaller and completely different from the one shown in the instruction video, which has larger and more ports to plug into. The video told us to plug a wire into the flight controller and use this to connect to the receiver with 6 different wires, however we can’t find anywhere for these wires don’t fit into the FS-A8S. The FS-A8S comes with what looks like an output wire with four wires that come out of it. This wire can’t connect them because it doesn’t fit into the right place. Please could someone help explain what to do?

Hey Ceng,
So your Receiver (FS-A8S) doesnt Support PWM.
It only supports: PPM (I would use that with Flysky) , IBUS and SBUS.

To change to PPM (Hardware):
Hook up your Receiver to your FC:
You will have 8 Cables coming out of your Flight Controller.

Cable Number one is, where your Status and Power LED’s are.
Connect your Cables like this:

Cable Number one on FC: Ground (Black Cable of your Receiver to other black cable)
Cable Number two on FC: Power (Red Cable of your Receiver to other red Cable)
Cable Number three on FC: Signal (Yellow Cable of your Receiver to White Cable on your FC)
Should look like this:
(Pink is White because you cant see white…)

In this Case the other Cables are useless…
You can connect the Cables of the Flight Controller and your Receiver by simply soldering them together.
You also wont need the white cable of your Receiver if you use PPM.
If you want to use SBUS or IBUS just take the white Cable of your Receiver instead of the yellow Cable.

I have no clue :smiley:

Im pretty sure my answer didnt answered all of your Questions so maybe check out this to learn a bit more about your FC:

The ULTIMATE Guide : :slight_smile:

A great Video Series:

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What is PPM, SBUS, IBUS, PWM etc. :

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I hope i could help you a little bit

Luca :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! Really appreciate all the help and will try it out tomorrow.