Turnigy 9X Connecting PPM to CC3D

Hi Folks I wonder if anyone can help out? I have just purchased a Turnigy 9X mode 2 V2 transmittere and receiver from Hobby King my grandson and I have built a Quadcopter on an F450 frame the flight controller we are using is a CC3D. Unfortunately we have no experience in this field other than owning and learning to fly with a Quanum Nova with a dedicated TX. My problem is the Turnigy is PPM and the RX is a 9X 8C V2 and I don’t know how to connect this to the CC3D. Before I realised it was PPM I wired the Black/Red/White plug into ch1 and the remaining wires sequentially thinking it was PWM the downloaded manual is poor and just shows pictures of servos plugged into every channel and doesn’t mention quads at all. Idid manage to configure the CC3D in openpilot choosing PWM but when it came to the transmitter set up moving the sticks as requested was fine but when requested to move the flight mode switch it didn’t read it no matter how many times I toggled the switch and so I couldn’t go any further and abandoned it. Please help if you can?
Thankyou in advance

Good news is that CC3D does support PPM input, and the nice thing about PPM is that it only required one cable.

All you need to do is connect the PPM signal from your R/C receiver to the 3rd pin on cc3d (as the first two are for ground and power)

And then its just a matter of setting it up on the software to tell it you are using PPM unput. If you are using cleanflight you need to do the same thing, but the menu is in a different place since its a different firmware…

Hope that helps

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Thanks so much for that it’s much appreciated, however I think I have another problem the Turnigy receiver light which was solid red has just gone out for no reason??

That does not sound good, I cant recall off the top of my head but it might be something to do with binding the receiver, maybe if its is properly bound the red led goes out? Check the manual to see how the LED should work. Otherwise you might also want to check you have connected the PPM wire correctly on your receiver to ensure its providing power.

I had same trouble ,red.black.white must be on channel 3 (throttle) White is signal cable. Channel number 1yellow
2 blue
3 white
4 red
5 green
6 blue
7 yellow
I am using T9x 8 channel receiver works ok. See blog in hobby king. Forum.
You need to remind you receiver it should show flashing red light when powered up and when you have binded it the light stayed red solid.

Thanks for that John, I did a bit of experimenting with channels and used the same configuration as yours except I put the red/black/white in the batt. input because I wanted to leave channels 6 and 7 clear as I have a camera and gimbal and allocated them for switches. It works great! The problem I had with the receiver was it went faulty and there was no red light at all flashing or solid. I have bought a couple of new receivers and they have bound fine so it’s up and running just had a 5 minute test in the garden, but we are having some really windy weather in the UK so waiting for a still day I’ll record the first proper flight and post. Thanks to you and Alex for the help. :smiley::+1:

I think you will be very lucky if it works as the white signal lead is for your throttle and your receiver configure is AETR T being channel 3

Is there a pinout for the TGY-ia8 receiver showing how to connect it to the cc3d?
I was planning to connect as PPM and assumed I only need to connect the 3-pin connector that comes with the CC3D to the lowest 3-pin set on the ia8, which is marked B/PPM. It is also not so clear whether the black wire (assuming ground) is the top pin or bottom pin for that connection. Various threads indicate needing to connect the cc3d to pin-1, pin-3 or pin-8. I have tried setting libre-pilot and the Turnigy 9x configurations to PPM, but no success with the transmitter setup yet.