Cc3d turnigy 9x won t work

Hello everybody, i can t set up my Turnigy 9x v2 on Openpilot GCS because it won t recognise any movement of my sticks even tough the receiver light is solid red

Have you made sure that you have bound your turnigy 9x with your receiver and setup the flight modes/channels on your turnigy radio?

I have bound the receiver but i don t know how to set the Flucht mode channels in my transmitter

We are working on a CC3D setup guide video which will be ready later this week so keep an eye out for that. It should help explain the basics.

did everything like in the setup vid. but nothing worked

Where did you plug in the white red and black plug from your throttle channel 3 ?

I plugged the black/white/red cable into channel 3 and set everything to ppm but nothing worked

You sound as if you are a technical guy ,but did you set up the model and named it on the radio? Have you downloaded the manual for the transmitter from the Hobbyking site under the file menu?

Have setup the radio? Usually it is mode2 but you have to select this in the setup of transmitter.If you have used this transmitter for another plane please excuse me.I have mine set up on a turnigy 9xR Pro.

Did you get it fixed?would be nice to know?

I have the same trouble. I can’t connect Turnigy 9x and CC3D. Any solution?