Only throttle works or none


I am trying to connect APM 2.6 and TURNIGY 9x 8c V2 for my quadcopter. When I connect Rc and APM with first 4 channel only throttle works, only flies up. But when I connect as PPM shown in internet, with first channel as signal and using jumper between 2nd and 3rd ch., nothing runs.

Can someone help me ??

Thanks in advance

I am not 100% familiar with that receiver (last used it over a year ago) but I don’t think it supports ppm. But I could be wrong as there is a v2 now.

As for only throttle working, have you run the radio calibration process when setting up your APM 2.6? Ifbits all connected properly you should see it all working. Otherwise it could be a setting issue on the turnigy 9x. This video should help you get it all setup.

I have calibrated RC many times calibrations work well. I am not sure what is wrong but after installing firmware over and over problem is getting solved. Now all 4 channels are is time for motor and esc calibrations, test fly, and also for aux channels. Even it seems to work, I am rebooting same steps if same problem occurs before take-off.

Thanks for your care.