Pixhawk PPM module

Newbie needing help please!

I’m building a quadcopter with an F450 frame, using the Pixhawk 32 bit flight controller and a Turnigy 9XR remote control transmitted and a Turnigy Rx-9X8cv2 receiver. Could someone please tell me if I require a ppm module to connect the receiver to the pixhawk? If not, how exactly is it supposed to be connected? If so, any particular module recommended?

Thanks in advance.

Yes you will need a PPM encoder which you can find here (PPM Encoder Type 2 - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop).

The reason for this is that Pixhawk only has a single PPM input for your radio control signals, but the stock Turnigy 9XR receiver only outputs PWM (a single RC channel per wire), the PPM encoder allows you combine all 8 PWM signals into a single PPM to send to pixhawk.

Thanks. Parts ordered. :slight_smile: