FlySky FS-IA6 Receiver, PPM Encoder and PixHawk not communicating

Please help. I am trying to use a FS-IA6 receiver with PWM output through a PPM encoder and finally to the RC input of a Pixhawk Flight Controller. I know I did the right thing as far as configuration of the radio transmitter but I cannot make it work. Any input is welcome. Thanks for any help anticipated.

Please provide some pictures where we can see how you wired everything up.
That way we do not have to look everything up and can tell easily if you made a mistake :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest in this topic. After hours of troubleshooting, I finally found the problem. Let me share it with you. WRT the diagram. At first, I wired it per the blue wirings. After adding the red colored wiring, it worked. apparently, looking at the original wiring (without the red), you seem to think that power is enough to power both PPM and the Receiver through the RC input. What I did to solve the power/current issue was to supply power to the receiver by deriving it from the AUX1 of the Pixhawk FC.

(Sorry, I tried to upload the diagram but since I am a new user, I cannot)

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