Help Setting up Fs-i6 w/ SPRacing F3 Deluxe

Trying to set up FS-i6 and receiver. Receiver has power and is running in PPM mode, enabled Serial RX and selected the receiver mode to PPM. Cleanflight shows nothing happening when I move the sticks around or flicking the other switches. Followed the guide by Painless360. Running on a SPRacing F3 Deluxe. Anyone know my issues?

What receiver are you using? And could you send a photo of how everything is connected? Also sp f3 board can get mixed up with the inputs as it has the same connector on both sides so are you sure you connected your receiver to the correct inputs?

Lastly can you get it working with pwm inputs?

I am using a Turning TGY-IA6b. I have tried using each conjuration and tried turning the connector turning the connector the opposite way on the receiver as well. I will try using PWM when I get home today.