FlySky Receiver Connection


I’ve been building my Y6 (pixhawk) and everything seems to be going ok. However, I’m connecting a FlySky RC 8Ch 2.4Ghz FS-R8B Receiver, and I’m not sure what I connect to com the RC connection on the pixhawk to the receiver! Is it the battery 3 pins on the receiver? Is this type of receiver compatible?


Are you connecting the output from the X8R to the Pixhawk RC input port as shown below?

You can also read some more info on this as someone else has a similar issue on connecting X8R to Pixhawk

Hope that helps :smile:

Thanks for the reply. I think the post relates to another Tx / Rx. However, it’s more to do with the connection from the pixhawk to the Rx. I have checked on another forum, and it seems to indicate that a PPM Converter is required. What do you think?


Sorry about that, I thought you where referring to the X8R for some weird reason :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

You will need to use a PPM encoder to use it your FlySky-R8B receiver with your pixhawk, as that RX does not output PPM, but rather 8 individual PWM signals.

That’s ok. Thanks for getting back to me.