RX power supply

I build a quad and I don’t know How to take power to the RX.(6 volt)
and lipo 3S.


It is kind of hard to answer that question as you have not provided much details about your quad. What autopilot are you using, and could you share a photo showing how everything is connected? What ESC’s are you using and how are you powering your quad?

This is my first quad.
It has
S500 frame
JIYI P2 Pro Flight Control
SunnySky V3508 700KV
30A SimonK ESC
FlySky FS TH9X

Thanks for the photos, from the looks of it the JiYI P2 includes a PMU that you will solder t o your PDB to connect to your battery. When you connect your battery the PMU will then power your main autopilot which will should then provide power for your receiver. If you dont get any power on your RX then check the cables are the right way around. I am not sure if the JiYI P2 FC provides power to your RX if is connected to your PC via USB…

The PMU have only one power out that connected to the autopilot.
Shell I solder one more cable to this power out?

The PMU should have a power in from your battery/PDB and a power out to your FC. Can you maybe send me a photo of the PMU so I can have a look and make my suggestion?

Do not solder your battery to the power out of your PMU as that will probably damage it.

Thanks for the photo, you will need to solder you battery connector/pdb to the cable from the PMU that is marked as 2-6S. The red wire goes to plus, and ground to -.