KK2.1 HC flight controller to X6B receiver wiring

Been flying drones for a while and decided to build my own. Started with the S500 but am struggling with the wiring setup on the KK2.1 HC flight controller to a Flysky X6B receiver… Transmitter is Flysky i6X. Am running 4 OPTO ESCs to Emax 2213 935kv motors. Ive had to install a 5v ubec as im running opto ESCs but the only way I can get power to both the flight controller and the receiver is to connect the receiver lead which has 3 pins to the Aux port on the receiver side of the flight controller with the Ubec plugged into the No1 port on the motor side of the flight controller. It also works vice versa but not if connected to any of the other ports. I have watched lots of You Tube vids and read many blogs regarding this but cannot find any definitive answers. I have also downloaded manuals for both flight controller and receiver but am still not sure on this. Thanks for any help, confused :thinking:

the power and negatives on the motor output side should be common so should power from ubec on any motor output.
as long as you can power the FC and receiver, shouldn’t be a problem as the input and output pins are only signal wires you may have to swap the white wire on the 3 pin receiver wire as that is normally channel 1 and not aux channel.

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HI mate. thanks very much for the reply, hopefully should be able to sort it out now. First time building my own quadcopter and got a bit lost along the way.
Thanks again :+1:

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