Pixhawk Telemetry via FRsky X8R Receiver


The power module that comes with the Pixhawk, can that be fed back into 8XR receiver (via Pixhawk) for the Taranis X9D+ for gathering LiPo total cell charge battery telemetry?

I am looking for a voltage reader that plugs into the balance lead on the LiPo then feeds the individual cell voltages back into 8XR for telemetry reading on the X9D+.

Many Thanks

Yes it is possible to feed telemetry from your pixhawk back to the ground via the FRsky receivers assuming you are using Arducopter 3.2 or higher. The FUL-1 module is now available from our shop

If using a D-series receiver (like D4R) you just need the FUL-1 module

If using an X-series receiver (like X8R) you will need toe FUL-1 module and an SPC cable

You can read more on how this is possible here

Thank you for this information. Obtaining the FrSky FUL-1 though, not so easy. There are two items on ebay, but they are in Germany and USA. Anyone know of anywhere else in the UK that sells these?


We will get some in stock with our next batch of X9D+ radios, but for now I found a place in UK that sells them although I not ordered from BRC Hobbies before, but should be faster than ordering from USA, or Germany.

Great thanks, I have ordered that.

I see that two other items are needed.

SPC cable and Molex Picoblade 4 position telemetry wire. Do you stock these at all?

That looks like a nice easy solution for telemetry with X series receivers. How much does it cost?