Pixhawk and R-XSR telemetry


I have a Pixhawk 2 Cube and R-XSR receiver. I am struggling to get the telemetry to work. I tried using the inverter at FrSky SmartPort Inverter | Hackaday.io but it did not give proper signal to SmartPort.

Any tips on how to connect these two? Transmitter is Taranis X7S.

YOu will need to either make your own adaptor using FUL-1 and SPC module to connect your smartport to the pixhawk.:

Or you can get some pre-made cables from craft and theory - FlightDeck – Craft and Theory

Full details on how to connect and setup with pixhawk is here on the official wiki:


If you have any specific questions please let me know so I can try to help.

One can even skip the SPC cable and just solder a diode between the TXout and Rin on the FUL-1 and use that pin as the signal pin to the receiver. I have that working with X8Rs. However, I had an additional question. How do I wire this to a Frsky XSR that doesn’t have a second wire for the s.port? I connected it without a ground (just the s.port signal wires) and that didn’t work. I tried connecting the ground wire to 2 different grounds on the flight controller and that didn’t work. Do I need to splice it into the ground wire that goes from the receiver to the SBUS connector? Will that work? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

It wasn’t the wiring. It was the XSR telemetry bug that can be fixed by a firmware update. Case closed.