Pixhawk 4 + Frsky R9 MM or R9 Slim+

Hi all

I’m planning platform based to Pixhawk 4 by Holybro and Frsky R9 MM or R9 Slim+ as receiver. Do you think that combination will work fine ? Also telemetry? Other alternative would be Dji Naza v2 platform, but it is outdated. Ideal situation is to found a robust platform.

did a quick google and found this…

It looks promising


Nice link with all the info you will need. One thing to point out is that the R9 mm outputs inverted smart port telemetry (which is actually normal uart)… the short of it is that I think you can just hook it up directly to a spare UART and you are good to go. No need for a special cable since the signal does not need to be inverted. I have not tried telemetry bon an R9 mm yet with pixhawk but it should work like this.