My quadcopter has death flipped could this motor be the cause

Hi i was flying today and the quadcopter flipped out twice. The day before i changed my props and one of the motor nuts wouldnt tighten up so i used a prop tool that keeps the prop still and i think i damaged the windings. Its the only thing i can think would be the cause as it only started happening since. The motor is a lumenier rx 2206 11 2350 kv and i cant find a replacement for it in the uk. Is there a motor i could replace it with and am i right thinking the wi dings would be cause?. Thank you (:

sorry for the crappy photo the best i could get

I can upload video of d
Death flips once i can get to the computer if that helps

Just for clarity , did you mean , ’ used a tool that kept motor still’
Depending on your flying style ,any similar size and kv motor could be used as a replacement. …though I bet some might disagree …

hi yes sorry yeah i meant the motor still.

Pic is fine but I can’t see any damage to motor bell
Video - I was in awe of the awesome roll manoeuvre til I remembered.
Is the suspect motor warmer than others ?
It’s possible a magnet got dislodged if you gripped motor bell strenuously.

Dismantling the motor ought to show any problems.

hi i cant see any damage to the bell only to the winding. Im not sure what the correct name is

It would have been nice trick if it was deliberate (::

I would say you have damaged the bell if its made from a soft metal… BUT
it flys and you did a full roll it only roll death’ed on the flip.

First try and raise motor idle… it defaults to 4.5 try 5.5.

It doesn’t hurt to try.

I’ve Done what you suggested . ill test it tomorrow if i get the chance. If it turns out to be a motor problem. what motor would be a good replacement?
would i be better to replace all 4?

you can have 4 different motor with 4 different escs and 4 different props and your quad will still fly thanks to the magic in the FC.

You just need to find a 2206 thats 2400kv and you should be fine…
Looking around now.

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Would it matter that the motor you have suggested is 2400 kv and the other 3 are 2350kv. As thats a great price if it’ll work. Thanks

nope… it just won’t as hard as the others.

Sorry im not sure what you mean. Do you mean work as hard?

it wont work as hard as the others.

Thank you Jason. Really appreciated (:

Good morning. I changed the setting you suggested and went out to test it. As you said it is fine on rolls but as soon as i try to flip it flips out. Is it possible that the motor could be to blame as it only started once i noticed the damage to the motor in the original photo i uploaded. Although i don’t see any damage to the shape of the bell itself

well it was worth a try…

swap out the motor but keep hold of the old one for now…
if it still does it with the new motor then it could be a faulty ESC.

but as you say it only started happening after you used a prop tool
then it points to the motor.

Good luck let us know what happens

for future reference, i know this time you may have a damaged motor but can happen when all looks ok. try to get black box working this helps no end when you get random flips of death.

Thanks Dale. I will do that i have the kakute f4 v1 and it doesn’t have a sd card slot but ive read it has its own integrated storage for that so ill take it out once the motor arrives tomorrow and if it happens again ill have the blackbox to help troubleshoot the cause. Thanks again (: