My quadcopter has death flipped could this motor be the cause

Yeah if it flips out like that I would almost think it could rather be an FC issue. If you can post a blackbox log I can have a look at it for you.

If the flip always happens in the same direction… then it could be a motor/ESC issue.

Thanks Alex the new motor should arrive tomorrow and ill get some black box data when i test it out

Morning i thought i would go out and try and get some blackbox data before the new motor arrives. Its my first time looking at blackbox but it does look like it points towards motor 3 being the cause of the problem

black box.rar (218.9 KB)

Yeah it looks like motor 3 just stops making thrust.

You could try and swap motor 3 for 1 and see if the fault moves.

If it moves its the motor
If it doesn’t its the esc

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Thank you ill try that on my lunch break. Getting there (::

Also dont forget the graphic representation is showing you what the FC is outputting, not what the motor/esc is doing.
Yes defo motor/esc number 3 fault.
Also if using onboard memory dont forget to clear occasionally, fills up quick, you can set up blackbox so only records of switch. very handy.

Thanks Dale the motor arrived earlier so i went out and tested it and it didn’t flip out (::: That made me happy. I tried a few rolls and flips and all is good. i only tested for about a min as the park was starting to get a bit busy. With this blackbox data is it possible to see what to change in the pids to remove some of the jello

blackbox 2.rar (598.6 KB)

It is possible but beyond me. the only time i touch PIDs is when prop wash is bad.
most jello can be alleviated by balanced props 1st, personally never needed more than that, but you could try soft motor mounts.
If its jello in fpv feed you need to check camera security also make sure lens tight (bit of hot glue works a dream)

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