Faulty motor after crashing on x220s

Hello good people from Dronetrest!
I am coming today with a question that is been driving me nuts for a good month and a half.
The problem is that, I went to show my eachine x220s to a friend, and show off a bit about how good I was getting on xD, I decided to pass him the transmiter, so he could try. Thing ended up with my drone on top of a tree, and falling badly to the ground. Allright. I did that before, and just couple of easy fixings and ready to go.
Problem is that this time motor number 4 (upper left one) stopped working after that fall. I returned home, checked in betaflight, and indeed was not working when trying on motors tab. I went to blheli configurator, and only 3 out of 4 esc were showing up.
i bought this x220 as my first FPV, and i got it with all the stock components. So I ordered a new stock 4 in 1 esc. After 1 month of waiting, finnaly arrived, installed, and I still had the same problem! I thought… might be the motor then… So i ordered a new stock motor. After arrived, i installed, and still the same problem!!! Do you know guys what could be happening?
Things Ive done so far.
-Replaced ESC
-Replaced motor
-check continuity from back of pwm socket in FC, to the ESC link cable and all wires have continuity.
Other than that the drone is working, video transmitter working, sensor are working, quad arms and responds to throttle and tries to rectifie position if I move it.
List of all stock components is in here: https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Wizard-X220S-FPV-Racer-Omnibus-F4-5_8G-72CH-VTX-30A-Dshot600-800TVL-w-iRangeX-iRX-i6X-RTF-p-1153989.html?rmmds=category&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc_ods&utm_content=ysq&utm_campaign=eachine-skw-x220s-1&ad_id=301201971498&gclid=CjwKCAjw9sreBRBAEiwARroYm9luUjgCRJQcmvqf1RaKi56MAxSt3MudoWvhv5pXop7cihTlmztZ7hoCJwMQAvD_BwE&ID=42482&cur_warehouse=CN

And my diff is the following:



Betaflight / OMNIBUSF4SD (OBSD) 3.3.0 Mar 2 2018 / 03:56:35 (177472b4f) MSP API: 1.37





servo mix


feature LED_STRIP
feature AIRMODE




serial 5 64 115200 57600 0 115200


led 8 15,12::C:11
led 9 15,11:EUD:CO:13


color 4 96,0,255



aux 0 0 0 1700 2100 0
aux 1 1 3 1300 1700 0
aux 2 13 2 1700 2100 0
aux 3 15 1 1700 2100 0






set mag_hardware = NONE
set rssi_channel = 14
set serialrx_provider = IBUS
set motor_pwm_protocol = DSHOT600
set beeper_dshot_beacon_tone = 1
set small_angle = 180
set osd_warnings = 63
set osd_rssi_alarm = 35
set osd_tim1 = 1281
set osd_vbat_pos = 43
set osd_rssi_pos = 2092
set osd_tim_1_pos = 2390
set osd_remaining_time_estimate_pos = 375
set osd_compass_bar_pos = 394
set osd_altitude_pos = 2453
set osd_avg_cell_voltage_pos = 2103
set osd_battery_usage_pos = 16
set osd_core_temp_pos = 2080
set osd_stat_max_alt = ON


profile 0

set d_roll = 35


rateprofile 1

set roll_rc_rate = 137
set pitch_rc_rate = 137

Sorry for this long post!
And thenk you very much for you time!!! you are an awesome comunity!

Assume you are using passthrough bl heli.
worth reflash FC firmware as BL heli will only see ESC signal wires connected to FC, if same after reflash suspect FC fault.
you could try to remap motor 4 output to another pin if FC trace broken.

So after replacing the 4in1 ESC and the motor, motor 4 is not working still.

Using BLheli try and spin your motors from there.
That will test the 4in1 ESC and not the FC connections.

You could check the signal pad/wire from the ESC upto the FC
as @dale589 said you may have a bad or broken connection on the FC
if that is the case you could try and remap to motor 5.

Doomed just a thought as dont use all in one ESCs. just for arguments shake lets say the trace on FC bad, surly using BL heli through the FC even if all in one ESC good, the motor will still not spin.
or do all in one ESC have own USB connection?
As i say dont use all in ones so probably a little confusing .

hello!! thanks you all for your answer. they were very helpful. doomed, i dont know what you mean by spining my motors from blheli, since i cant see any feature in blheli configurator app to spin and test the motors.
anyway. something really weird happened. after watching couple videos about how to remap motors from joshua bradwell and blue falcon, i think i succesfully remapped them. soldered motor 4 to motor 5 pad, and then changed tje source. good. i went to try the motors in betaflight and yaay, all 4 motors spinning.
my surprise was that after setting everything (cause i just flashed to latest bf version) like uart 6 for tx. set the ibus input for the transmitter, modes, leds etc etc. it went back to step number one. motor 4 not working (esc recognised this time in blheli, so fc and esc are linked) but no motor spining.
yes, i calibrated esc by pulling the throttle in bf, and then conecting the battery.
i then reflashed to start again, and seems like just after flashing the remapping works, but once i set up the quad something is bad. there mist be something i am missing…
and yes i tried to first se up the quad and then remap, but didnt work.
any ideas guys??
thanks for you time!!!

Sentence a little confusing there, you cannot remap motor then do a firmware up-date because it will overwrite the remap

sorry for the delay. but havent had much time.
anyway forget it. i fixed it already. i dont know exactly what i did right or wrong but now is working.
hehe. so thank you very much people!!!
bad thing is that from soldering and desoldering from the new 4 in 1 esc i dettached one of the copper pads for the motors… and i dont think i will be able to to use it anymore. luckly i had the old one, that worked perfectly.

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