Eachine X220 ESC replacement

Hi All, I’m new here and to FPV drones in general, but would very much appreciate some advice :slight_smile:

I recently purchased an Eachine Wizard X220 RTF, and the first few flights were awesome.

Unfortunately today I managed to clip a tree and the drone took a bit of a hit as it fell to the floor, when it hit the ground 1 of the ESCs smoked heavily then burst into flames :frowning:

I have no experience at all yet with repairing or building drones, so I have a feeling I’m about to hit a sharp learning curve.

What I want to know is -

If I contact Eachine and manage to get a single replacement ESC sent out will I be able to solder it on, and what configuration will be needed if any? I’m hoping its plug and play, in that I solder the new one on and all will work as it did.

If I’m not able to get a single replacement, will I need to replace all 4 ESCs with new ones of a different make?

If so how easy is that to do and should I get on with just doing that now?

I know its a lot to ask, and I’m very grateful for any advice in advance, as I’m nervous now that it will take me forever to get it flying again.

Many Thanks


Replacing an ESC is quite easy if you are comfortable witwith soldering and something you will soon become very familiar with in this hobby :wink:.

Firstly its never a good idea to mix different ESC together, so of u want to get a new ESC, best to try get a stock wizard x220 ESC. Otherwise you will need to replace all 4

You will need to set it up again and make sure it all have the same settings in blheli configurator and that r motors are spinning in the correct direction. Also you need to calibrate them so they all spin at same speed.

Any other questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex,

Ive got as far as connecting the quad to betaflight, purely to look but I was to worried to change anything, I haven’t used the BLHeliSuite configurator yet. Il get it installed, would I be doing any harm to the quad by connecting it now with only 3 ESCs connected, to check they are ok? or should I leave all that until I have either a replacement or 4 new ones connected.

Is a replacement something Unmannedtech would be able to source? as I cant seem to find replacements for the stock ESC even on the Eachine site itself, which fills me with a lot of panic at the thought of having to try and solder and configure new ones on.

Apart from being really inpatient, I’m also crazy nervous that I’m never going to get it flying as it was again :frowning:


I am also a noobie with quads and have also had esc issues recently first thing I can say is sod eachine ESCs, get yourself 4 little bee pros for £9 each from build your own drone and solder them on, a couple of YouTube videos can guide you through the process of it as well as calibration on blheli suite

i bought one way back in december i hooked it up to the pc and it caught on fire the tv antanna got real hot and it went up in flames along with the cable my home owners insurance coverd me and the master card i used to buy the wizard had filed a claim to banggood .com to pay out in cort

We do sell.the replacement ESC for the wizard, they are the racestar 20A esc:


Although exactly the same they just don’t have the same stickers on them.

Also you can connect up to blheli-s configurator with just 3 ESC and check settings, when the new one arrives you can make sure to copy all the info over to the new one so they are all the same

Sorry to hijack this thread, but I am having the same issue with my Wizard as well, it worked fine the first 3 flights, but I took it out the other day and I had a small crash into a grass field and when I went to pick it up one of the ESC’s was smoking quite heavily so I quickly disconnected the battery to prevent any further damage happening.

I’ve had it on the bench and all of the other 3 ESC’s are fine, would it be okay to just replace the one that got damaged or would it be better to replace all 4 at once?

Also, the motors seem a little bit rough as well now after I crashed it, and I’m worried incase it was something to do with the motor that caused the ESC to smoke out, does anyone have any good suggestions for some budget motors that will perform on par/better than the stock motors?

Thanks in advance, and again sorry to the OP hijacking this thread, I just didn’t see the point in making another thread regarding the same issue that you’re having, I hope that’s okay?

Hey, No Problem at all, its sad to hear you’ve had the same issues.

Il give you an update of the saga so far, unfortunately its not good news…

Banggood sent through a replacement Racerstar V1 20A ESC as linked by alex above, but these do not exactly match the ESC on the wizard, they are version 1.1 and the wizard has version 1.2. IN BLHELI configurator the 3 original showed as ##20H and the v1.1 showed as ##30H.

The quad flew but the motor attached to this ESC would loose thrust on very sharp turns, so I went back to banggood and noticed the RacerStar V2 20A ESC had the correct part number advertised on the banggood site, it still is, but however when you receive them they have a completely different model number printed on the chip and again show as ##30H in BLHELI, the Racerstar V2 chip is also completely identical to the Ciciada 20A ESC sold by unmannedtechshop.

So I went through 2 different Racerstar ESC and neither were a completely correct match.

I ended up installing 4 Ciciada 20A ESCs in the end and everything ran fine, but I too had a dodgy motor that sounded rough, so I replaced them all with EMAX 2205 2300 KV redbottom motors as they were on offer.

After also replacing the FPV cam with a runcam eagle the wizard now flies great, but its no longer a wizard…

Sorry I know its not good news for you, but on the plus side, the wizard was my first quad, and man ive learnt a lot since breaking it, and finally fixing it. Making me wish id just built my first from a kit and not bought a ready made one.

You may have to spend some money to make it go again, but then you may have better luck than I did finding replacement ESCs that are a complete match.

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Thanks mate, I actually did manage to find the exact ESC’s the other day with the same EFM8B-20a-4S-v1.2 number that’s on my current ESCs, they were Little Bee branded ones, but now I can’t find them anywhere!!!

I guess I’ll just have to go down a similar route that you did, as I really don’t want to go through the same troubles that you have with your Wizard.

It was flying really good for me as well, even on the day when I crashed and the ESC burnt out on me, my motors never made the rough sounds they’re making now neither, they felt really smooth prior to my crash.

I’m a bit confused in regards to the different ESCs available, can we use those BLHeli_S Opto ESCs on these quads does anyone know?

I was actually looking at getting those same motors as you’ve went for too as I’ve read good things about them online and they aren’t too badly priced neither, I just want my quad flying again ASAP, though at least this downtime will mean I can spend more time practicing on my simulator with the goggles on, I find using the simulator really helped me when I went out to fly for real.

Thanks for the reply, I’d much rather just do the same as you have to get mine flying again, as it sounds like you had a bit of a stressful experience with the Racerstar ESCs!!!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Littlebee 20a pros, the answer to ur esc problems

One thing you need to get to grips with is that eachine are cheap and they all become frankinstein quads with random replacement parts in the end

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This fault is more common than you know, I’ve watched 5 videos today on the Wizard X220 ESC fires.

I bought mine on ebay, flew it the other day, first flight, went 2-3ft up so just off the ground, put on my goggles and in that couple of seconds it had drifted caught some long grass rolled over and the ESC had burst into flames, I was horrified. I messaged the company on ebay, they offered 1 ESC, I said no I’d understand if I’d flown it a couple of times and hit a tree or something but straight outa the box, no thanks, I’ve lost confidence in the product and would like a full refund.

I spoke to some friends about it later on and they said it happens but that doesn’t sound right. Just get another motor and ESC, so I had a think on it then messaged the company back and said, were to keep it I’d need 4 30amp ESC’s and the 2 damaged motors replacing, they got back to me agreed to this and I’m now waiting for the replacements.

Not a bad result I guess, I believe when it rolled over the grass fowled the prop and the motor asked for more power, too much power and the ESC overwhelmed blew and started the fire. Hopefully with 30amp ESC’s this’ll never happen again.


After gettign a 4S battery I’ve burnt out a couple of esc’s on my x220. I actually brought a whole new x220 to use for spare parts. To replace the esc can just cut the 3 wires and replace the esc and motor at the same time so dont need to resolder the motor wires.

Yes that is correct. Although it might be easier to remove the wrapping from your faulty ESC, and desolder the wires from your ESC. This way the wires dont get shorted and shorter each time you replace an ESC.

Hi Moremoney, Thanks for your guidance! I’m going to try getting little bees, as my challenge is that I don’t have access to the eachine wizard stock racerstar ones…

Would you know if this set of little bees is suitable?



I can’t open that link for some reason, but if it’s 20A it should be ok. I would also double check that it runs blheli_s firmware and can support dshot600 as that is the best protocol to use for the wizard